Postscript viewer

Philippe Monroux monroux-listes at
Sun Oct 31 23:10:11 PST 2004

> > However, what I 'd like most (concerning postscript) is to have a
> > fremebuffer viewer... I couldn't find one. 

> Actually, you don't really need a specialized viewer if you just want to
> read postscript on framebuffer. I'm currently using fbi
> <> for displaying images, and it also has a
> script included into the distribution called fbgs, which simply invokes
> ghostscript to convert the postscript document to bitmap files and then
> feeds them to fbi. (I remember having to edit this script to increase the
> default quality level.) 


excuse me but how did you increase the default quality level ? 

Thank you vm

Philippe Monroux
Ile de la Reunion 
55.3W -21.5S

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