SCSI Disk/Controller advice please

Ken Moffat ken at
Sat Oct 30 08:32:20 PDT 2004

On Sat, 30 Oct 2004, Joao Clemente wrote:
> I'm quite confused about all the SCSI variations..

 So are most other people who don't have much to do with SCSI,
particularly retailers.  My only SCSI experience was with a tape drive.
For recent controllers an LVD (low-voltage differential) cable is
apparently needed to get the maximum speed.  My sometimes reliable
Maplin catalogue says that an LVD/SE terminator can sense if the bus is
running LVD or SE and terminate accordingly (these are both 68-way).

 The SCA connector apparently "merges data, power and SCSI ID into a
single connection".  Maplin has an adaptor for these to convert an
80-pin *cable* to 68 (or 50) pin drives.

 Sounds as if you need to choose the controller first, then settle on 68
or 80 pin drives as appropriate.  Probably, lots of googling or
froogling to find specs or reviews.

 If you've got a choice, use a PCI 66 slot (or is that 64/66?) for the
controller to get the maximum throughput (assuming it isn't only built
for consumer PCI slots).

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