SCSI Disk/Controller advice please

Joao Clemente jpcl at
Fri Oct 29 17:08:23 PDT 2004

For the first time I'm gonna setup a server with SCSI disks (until now 
I've done it only with IDE - regular ATA or SATA)

I'm getting a completly new server (P4 3Ghz, Dual-Channel DDR 400, MB 
with intel chipset) and, while I have a good ideia on these components, 
I would like to setup a RAID-1 system with SCSI disks...

I'm looking for advice on these: wich scsi controller should I buy? 
Software or Hardware RAID-1? Wich disk brand? (I'm getting a couple of 
36GB, it is more than enough space for my setup)

Which are the tradeoffs of hard vs software raid1? What happens/How do 
we proceed if 1 disk fails (how do we know it, how do we replace/resync 

This server can be shutdown for maintenance at off-work hours, so I 
don't need any hot-plugging capability.. (this is a controller feature, 

I'm quite confused about all the SCSI variations..

This is what I've found so far are somewhat like this:
- SCSI disks, all Ultra320Wide:
Seagate Cheetah 10K 68 pin,    36Gb - 160 EUR
Fujitsu         10K 68 pin,    36Gb - 150 EUR
Fujitsu        10K SCA/80pin, 36Gb - 150 EUR
Fujitsu         15K 68 pin,    18Gb - 185 EUR
Fujitsu        15K SCA/80pin, 18Gb - 185 EUR
Ok, no problem with these... any brand/model suggestions?

- Controllers
Several Adaptec SCSI Cards from 200 to 400 EUR, wich can have:
  - 32 or 64bit
  - 160MB or Ultra320
  - Raid (or not, when they say nothing.. I think) (the RAID ones start 
at 400 EUR and I've seen up to 950 EUR)

I'm confused... none of the descriptions of the Adaptec controller I've 
seen state the connectors (68/80 pins)... now add more controller to the 

Tekram PCI DC395UW   - 56 EUR
Tekram PCI DC390U2B  - 102 EUR
Tekram PCI DC390U2W Ultra 2 Low WIDE SCSI - 126 EUR
Tekram PCI DC390U3W Ultra 3 WIDE SCSI 160 - 182 EUR
Tekram PCI DC390U4W Ultra 4 WIDE SCSI 320 - 223 EUR

Damn... Really confused... Please confirm these toughs also:
UltraWideSCSI = 68 pin ... What is "2", "3" or "4" ?!? These seem 
"similar" to ATA 66/100/133 - the bus speed, is that it?
So, what's SCA? None of these controllers says SCA...

Any help?

Ps: I supose getting a SCSI crontroller built-in on the motherboard is 
stupid? Those are low-value/performance controllers?

Joao Clemente

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