Email archive searching (was Re: Gmail Invites)

Miguel Bazdresch lfs-01 at
Fri Oct 29 14:19:33 PDT 2004

* Bennett Todd <bet at> [2004-10-29 21:16]:
> 2004-10-29T18:16:20 Miguel Bazdresch:
> > Seriously, I'll take mutt's limit command over a google email
> > search any time.
> It's hot, no doubt about it, I use it all the time.
> But for big email archives, like high-traffic lists kept for years,
> I use a second level; I index my mailing list archives nightly with
> swish++, then use a script to let me rapidly find all messages
> containing matches for a list of keywords, link them into a
> temporary maildir, then run mutt on that so I can tighten down with
> limiting.

I've been meaning to implement that since you first talked about it, but
there's still only 24h in a day :|

Miguel Bazdresch

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