Intel laptop processors

Jason Gurtz jason at
Tue Oct 26 10:43:56 PDT 2004

On 10/25/2004 16:26, S. Anthony Sequeira wrote:
> I have been asked for advice on buying a Sony Viao laptop with the
> option of the following range of processors?  To be honest, I have *no*
> idea, anywhere I can do some research?

In reality, there are (other than celeron) just two mobile processors now.

Pentium-M (Dothen 90 nM process w/ 2MB L2 cache)  713 Banias model w/ 1MB
L2 cache on it's way out, don't get it.

Pentium-4m (you would be crazy to buy this... Very hot, very poor battery
life. Potentially only marginally faster than fastest Pentium-M)

The Pentium-M comes in 3 flavors.  Regular, Low-voltage, and ultra-low
voltage.  I think very soon, if not already there will be a 1.2 Ghz
ultra-low voltage out.  See: <>
for the easy tech details.  Note that the 533Mhz bus versions which also
have the NX bit and run on the Sonoma chipset w/ PCI express, are not out
until Q1 next year!

Unfortunately it seems as if just the smallest, ultra-portable laptops
(12" screen) come with the ultra-low voltage chips.  Battery life is
really excellent with those as they only pull about 10 Watts or so.

OTOH, battery life is really pretty good with the regular voltage P-M's
also and they're really fast.  I'd get the fastest I could afford.  (I luv
the thinkpad T series  :)

What about Celeron-M (Pentium-M with less cache)?  Only if you're flat
broke (I'd just wait till I had more money and get the P-M).

Happy shopping!



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