Kind of memory to a Pentium II-type box?

Jason Gurtz jason at
Mon Oct 25 09:12:22 PDT 2004

On 10/24/2004 21:09, Björn Lindberg wrote:
> I installed Linux for a friend on a box with a Pentium II 300 MHz
> (just to date it). Unfortunately it runs a bit slow with heavy
> swapping, especially for Openoffice. Firefox is barely usable. This is
> mainly because it only has 64 MB memory. Now, I'm wondering if anybody
> knows which kind of RAM is likely in this box. I'm going to open it to
> make sure, but I'm curious what was used at that time. Also, is it
> still possible to get ahold of such old memory?

Like everyone else said about the PC-100 SDRAM...

If you can get the model of the motherboard it might be helpfully to use
the website to figure out what kind/size (exactly) of memory
the thing can handle.

It's pretty likely that you could get a couple *quality* 128MB PC133
modules and that they would work.  In theory 256MB or even 512MB modules
can work but that can depend on the motherboard's abilities.  Especially
the 512MB modules can be problematic/futzy.




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