Kind of memory to a Pentium II-type box?

Jörg W Mittag Joerg.Mittag at Web.De
Mon Oct 25 03:45:46 PDT 2004

Ken Moffat wrote:
> On Mon, 25 Oct 2004, Heinz Kirchmann wrote:
>>> So, question: Assuming the 32MB are PC-100 SDRAM, will PC-133 SDRAM
>>> work, too?
>> I tried that and it worked without problems. Not sure, if it's okay to
>> generalize that, though.
>  It's *never* safe to generalise about what memory works ;-)  I've seen
> boards/bioses where running 133 at 100 was fine, and at least one where
> it wasn't.
>  The other thing with old boxes is not to go too over the top in
> upgrading - I've got a very early socket-370 board which is my only
> board that will boot with a PIII/933, all the others fail to POST with
> that cpu.  This board runs the memory at PC66 so I filled it with
> PC100/PC133 and memtest was happy.  But as soon as it gets into
> compiling it suddenly slows down, and even the delay loops in old (LFS3)
> bootscripts while shutting down take forever.  Turned out it can only
> cache 128MB.

There is a nice little driver in Linux's MTD (Memory Technology Device)
subsystem. I think it's called slram (slow RAM). It can "hide" the uncached
portions of system RAM from the kernel and present it as a regular
blockdevice. You can then put swap or /tmp there. BTW: there's another
driver in there that does exactly the same for unused graphics RAM.

gtkmm-1.2.10% ./configure --help
  --enable-extra-crispy   Roast the chicken extra-crispy (see voodoo option)

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