DVD ripping

John Gay johngay at eircom.net
Sun Oct 24 07:34:10 PDT 2004

On Fri 22 Oct 2004 21:23, Ian Molton wrote:
> John Gay wrote:
> > On Fri 22 Oct 2004 09:13, Ian Molton wrote:
> >>John Gay wrote:
> >>>Use the lav tools to extract the video and audio streams from the avi.
> >>>Use mpeg2enc to generate correct mpeg2 files.
> >>>Use mp2enc to convert the audio.
> >>>Use mplex to create a DVD compatible stream.
> >>>Use dvdauthor to create the DVD image from these streams.
> >>>Use mkisofs to create the ISO image.
> >>>Burn this with dvdrecord.
> >>
> >>the trouble is my AVI already contains a DVD-type mpeg2 and audio
> >>stream, and I dont want to re-encode them, I simply need to generate a
> >>vob (and associated ifo files/whatever) from them.
> >>
> >>what I need is a tool to demux the mpeg2 and mp3/aac audio from my AVI
> >>so that mplex can make a VOB for me.
> >
> > Those tools should also be in the mjpeg-tools. Once you've multiplexed
> > the video and audio into a stream, dvdauthor will create a DVD structure
> > with the correct directories and VOB files that can then be converted to
> > ISO and then burned.
> >
> > https://sourceforge.net/docman/display_doc.php?docid=3456&group_id=5776
> Very useful, although (forgive me if I missed something) that still only
> deals with RE encoding the mpeg2 video and not simply taking the
> existing mpeg2 straight from the avi its holed up in...

I don't fully understand the entire process, but as I understand it, the DVD 
format needs the video/audio multiplexed stream to contain certain markers. 
These are usually dropped when a DVD stream is embedded into an AVI file.

To re-create these, using the tools that I know of, and I've searched quite a 
bit on DVD making, mpeg2enc has a switch, -f8 to specify a DVD compatible 
video stream, and then the same switch is passed to mplex to multiplex the 
audio and video streams into a DVD compatible mpeg2 stream, but you might 
have such a stream inside your avi. I don't know and don't know how to check, 
except playing around with the sources.

This DVD compatible stream is then passed to dvdauthor, which adds the extra 
bits and creates the vob files plus the proper file system layout into a 
directory that can then be converted into an ISO and burned to DVD.

So, the mjpeg-tools don't make the vob files, dvdauthor does, from the stream 
created by the mjpeg-tools. The readme explains most converting jobs, 
including what you are looking to do, I think. Since I don't have your avi 
file, I can't be sure how much 'demuxing' and 're-encoding' is needed.

As for Andrews suggestion of mplayer's -dumpvideo, this produces a raw video 
stream which mplayers manpage says is not very useful for anything but 
debugging. mplayer can't even play back such a raw video stream. Somewhere in 
the mjpeg-tools are tools to extract the audio and video streams, which can 
then be re-muxed with mplex into a proper mpeg2 stream for dvdauthor to 
create the vob files and directory structure.

There may be other ways to do this, but I haven't found them.

And the mjpeg-tools mailing list can provide much better answers to your 
questions than I can.


	John Gay

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