DVD ripping

Ian Molton spyro at f2s.com
Fri Oct 22 02:13:44 PDT 2004

John Gay wrote:

> Use the lav tools to extract the video and audio streams from the avi.
> Use mpeg2enc to generate correct mpeg2 files.
> Use mp2enc to convert the audio.
> Use mplex to create a DVD compatible stream.
> Use dvdauthor to create the DVD image from these streams.
> Use mkisofs to create the ISO image.
> Burn this with dvdrecord.

the trouble is my AVI already contains a DVD-type mpeg2 and audio 
stream, and I dont want to re-encode them, I simply need to generate a 
vob (and associated ifo files/whatever) from them.

what I need is a tool to demux the mpeg2 and mp3/aac audio from my AVI 
so that mplex can make a VOB for me.

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