DVD ripping

John Gay johngay at eircom.net
Thu Oct 21 23:56:08 PDT 2004

On Fri 22 Oct 2004 01:42, Ian Molton wrote:
> Hi.
> I want to be able to create DVDs from AVI files. the AVIs typically
> contain mpeg2 and mp3/aac audio.
> does anyone know how to generate the vobs and ifos from this? I can burn
> those using mkisofs -dvd-video and dvdrecord.

I've been reading up on this, though I've yet t actually make one.

The tools are mjpeg-tools to generate the proper mpeg streams and dvdauthor to 
create the DVD image. Linux Journal had an article about creating a slideshow 
DVD that explains most of it. The mpeg-tools also has some good info.

The general process is:

Use the lav tools to extract the video and audio streams from the avi.
Use mpeg2enc to generate correct mpeg2 files.
Use mp2enc to convert the audio.
Use mplex to create a DVD compatible stream.
Use dvdauthor to create the DVD image from these streams.
Use mkisofs to create the ISO image.
Burn this with dvdrecord.

This is off the top of my head. mjpeg-tools and dvdauthor give more exact 
explanations in their docs. There are also a few GUI-based projects started 
to simplify this, but they are very alpha-stage ATM.

Mjpeg-users mailing list
Mjpeg-users at lists.sourceforge.net

Is a good place for info. Very active and the developers are quick to answer 
and very helpful.


	John Gay

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