LFS lists Bounced messages.

Shane Johnson sdj at RasmussenEquipment.com
Thu Oct 7 08:08:11 PDT 2004

Thanks, I will be more careful and make sure they are sent as text.  I Know
that on some that I have made sure they where text and they still get
bounced.  Is there something in Outlook that could be causing this?


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Shane Johnson wrote:
> Could someone please help me.  Every time I send a message to any of the
> mail groups I am subscribed to it gets bounced.  Could someone shed some
> light on why that is?

Probably because you're sending them as HTML mails.  Well, this one 
wasn't but your other one that came through ("How good is the pre-6.0 
LFS") was.  We (and SpamAssasin) prefer plain text emails.

Hope this helps,


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