Email Forwarding service

S. Anthony Sequeira tony at
Fri Oct 15 10:57:42 PDT 2004

I have a couple of domains with Firevision (  They
provide a domain registration, web forwarding and email forwarding

Up to 48 hours ago, things were well.  Now emails to these domains do not
get through.  Some are bounced.  emails to them are not acknowledged, and
apart from a trickle of backed up emails last night, nothing is getting
through.  I'm sure there is a good excuse, but I cannot live with a 48
hour and counting gap in my email services.  emails I send to these are
queued with a 'connection refused' message.

Anyway, sob story over.  What I would like are recommendations for another
such *reliable* service to which I can transfer my domains and the
web/email forwarding.  I am willing to pay for reliability.  Preferably a
UK provider, though am willing to consider other countries.

Firevision charge £12.00 per annum for their basic package (registration
and forwarding).

Thanks for any help.

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