Installing X for xdmcp only ?

John Lane lfs at
Tue Oct 12 15:45:40 PDT 2004

Good evening,

I've just completed the lfs install and must say it feels like a great
achievement to know I built every byte of executable code on my machine.
This is a great project and my hat goes off to all the guys begint the it.

I'm now embarking on building the system further and my first aim is to get
enough of X installed to support access using the "xdmcp" protocol from an X
server running on another machine (in this case Hummingbird Exceed on
windows xp, but this fact should be irrelevant).

I don't want to waste time/space building components that interact with the
display on my local machine as I don't think I need to run an X server
locally to support applications running on a remote X server via xdmcp.

Ultimately I want a full desktop suite based on KDE to be accessible from
the remote X server.

Any help would be appreciated. can't find anything specific in the FAQ, or
on Google.


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