DynDNS type services; options, opinions and clients...

Tartarus tartarus__666 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 11 15:29:38 PDT 2004

In news:20041011153043.GA3774%calkin at ieee.org,
Andrew Calkin <calkin at ieee.org> typed:

> Hi, I am considering using some form of dynamic DNS service so that
> I can keep track of my machines at home on a (surprise!) dynamic IP
> link.
> Anyone care to share experiences, general opinions etc on available
> (free) dynamic DNS service providers and clients for updating the
> service? There are some I've found myself, but I don't know if one
> is clearly better than any other as yet.
> Separately, what holes would I have to poke in a firewall so that
> different clients could be used? Anything special?
> Regards,
> //Andrew

I'm using dyndns.org and I wrote a simple client in perl that is run
quite frequently by cron ...... (I perhaps run it too often but then I
think my ISP changes my IP too often - up to 10 times a day).

Have had excellent service from dyndns.org and I am impressed with the
qulity of their customer service and information (via their news

Dyndns.org only use HTTP for updates so nothing special should be
required in your firewall or (NAPT) router.


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