DynDNS type services; options, opinions and clients...

Eric EricTHobbs at spam.verizon.net.invalid
Mon Oct 11 13:45:27 PDT 2004

Andrew Calkin wrote:
> Hi, I am considering using some form of dynamic DNS service so that
> I can keep track of my machines at home on a (surprise!) dynamic IP
> link.
> Anyone care to share experiences, general opinions etc on available
> (free) dynamic DNS service providers and clients for updating the
> service? There are some I've found myself, but I don't know if one
> is clearly better than any other as yet. 
> Separately, what holes would I have to poke in a firewall so that
> different clients could be used? Anything special?
> Regards,
> //Andrew

dyndns.org is the service I use. However the client I use is built into 
my router so I can't give you advise on clients.

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