windoze in our lives

Allard Welter allard at
Sun Oct 10 17:31:28 PDT 2004

On my way home tonight, arriving at a train station, I made my way to 
the usual information screen 'announcing' arrival and departures times. 
However, due to some software malfunction the screen was cast in a 
somewhat more infamous guise, to wit, the windoze blue screen. Not one 
to shy away from inexplicable riddles I ventured closer in to see if I 
could glean some information regarding the error. Imagine my joy to 
discover that the error was not fatal (safely home for once, not 
reliant on the vagaries of that OS). Instead, the error proudly claimed 
to be a 'stop error'. The rest of the error was of course the usual 
claptrap about rebooting, searching for new hardware and installing 
relevant drivers. For a change the train was on time.

Is M$ finally starting to make an effort to cast their error messages in 
a more user-friendly manner? is a 'stop error' for some reason or other 
less severe than a 'fatal error'? or have I simply been fortunate 
enough never to have windoze 'stop' on me before?


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