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Nico R. n-roeser at gmx.net
Sat Oct 9 06:14:21 PDT 2004

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Hi to all!

I'm a bit confused about some i18n things. Reading about
G_FILENAME_ENCODING (see GLib or GTK+ sources) made me think about

When I have got a directory called "Fotos für Laura" (for the
non-German-speaking people here, that's "photos for Laura" in English),
how is the German character "ü" (Latin small letter u with diaresis)
stored in the filesystem? I am using ISO-8859-15, set via LANG=... on
some boxes, but does this trigger how to store the characters on disk?
Or is UTF-8 used in the filesystem?

So the question is whether setting a certain locale (and charset) only
effects what is displayed on my screen or also effects how programs
work internally.
And if it's the former, how can I force e.g. the Linux kernel to write
the filenames in UTF-8 to disk? Because I'd like to take the disk (in
this case an USB stick) with me to a friend and use it at her computer
- - which uses different locale and charset settings than the boxes I
mostly work at.

Would be very nice if somebody could enlighten me a bit about that (to
me) very confusing i18n, locale and charset stuff - or, also
appreciated, if somebody could give me a pointer to a man page or
source file with some explanations. My Googling skills brought up some
comments and articles, but it didn't help me a lot this time... :-/

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