How good is the pre-6.0 LFS ?

Nicolas FRANCOIS (AKA El Bofo) nicolas.francois at
Wed Oct 6 16:27:11 PDT 2004

Le Wed, 06 Oct 2004 22:57:24 +0100 Matthew Burgess
<matthew at> a écrit :

> They're only given out to those with access to the project server. 
> That's only given on an as-needed basis, i.e. by becoming an editor or a
> server-admin.

OK, I thought so. Maybe some day, when my "captain's log" will become
famous :-)

Making some great advertising for LFS, mind you. I'm quite an ambassador
> As far as the LFS club, I've never heard of that (that doesn't mean it 
> doesn't exist of course! My memory's atrocious).  You can "Get Counted" 
> as an LFS user though, at 

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