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Wed Oct 6 14:23:25 PDT 2004

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Hi Bennet,

just started to use lurker ( today. Combined 
with a simple procmail setup this is roughly what I was looking for.

The only feature missing is the watching of threads: Everything else 
works fine.

Best regards,


Am 16.09.2004 um 16:34 schrieb Bennett Todd:

> 2004-09-16T13:51:22 Benjamin Boksa:
>> Hi Bennet,
>>> That'd depend on the setup. I'd been envisioning a single folder
>>> that's readonly to everybody.
>> Which would be quite bad because if n users would watch m threads that
>> could create n*m threads in the worst case. Hard to explain my point
>> here in english, but I hope you understand what I mean.
> Nope. My mail client handles threading. I'm guessing you're
> envisioning defining the thread relationships on the server.
>> Let me try to describe my situation: I am subscribed to some
>> mailinglists, some of which have a traffic of approx. 100 mails a day.
>> Sometimes I see topics and mails that really interest me among these
>> mails, and I am really interested in watching those threads. On the
>> other hand there are some threads I am not interested in at all.
>> So I am looking for a nice way to preselect mails that are interesting
>> for me/are not interesting for me.
>> In addition to that I would like to be able to search all of these
>> mails.
> I begin to see, I think. Mutt, the mail user agent I use, makes all
> this so easy that I never even thought about it.
> If you want to create a new tool for organizing mailing list
> traffic, more power to you, but if you're interested in
> already-existing software, I'd recommend you check out mutt.
> -Bennett
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