GEdit - undesirable behavior

Dominic L Hilsbos dhilsboslfs at
Wed Oct 6 10:19:24 PDT 2004

It would seem that when GEdit is set to create a backup copy of a file 
it actually writes out the edited text to a new file with the same 
filename, and adds a ~ to the end of the filename of the directory entry 
for the old file.  This sounds good, except for one thing, it 
consistantly breaks hard links.  Could someone verify this behavior?  If 
it can be identified as being distinct to my distro (MDK 9.0) then I'll 
recompile gedit, and ifx it.  If not could someone work with me to find 
and correct the offending code?  I believe the behavior should be: copy 
original file, to new file, output edited text to old file, thus 
preserving hard links.


Dominic L Hilsbos

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