Dirk dirk.dil at pt.lu
Mon Oct 4 03:03:18 PDT 2004

Matthew Burgess (matthew at linuxfromscratch.org) wrote:
> Dirk wrote:
> >
> >Hello people,
> >
> >I've gotten 2 PCI ethenet cards with rtl8139d chips.  It's supposed to
> >work with a module rtl8139.0 compiled from source found at:
> >
> ><ftp://www.scyld.com/pub/network>
> Aer you sure you need an external module?  When I had an 8139too based 
> device there was an in-tree driver for it, although http://www.scyld.com 
> also carried a version.
> Matt.

No, I'm not sure.  When I look at dmesg I find the original eth0 entry.
No mention of the second card at all.  I havn't got a clue as to how to
activate these cards.....

How does the kernel detect the hardware?  Both cards are rtl3189 the
second version d.  There should be no magic in this.  I suppose the
kernel needs the driver to be able to recognise hardware in this case be
it rtl8139.o or 8139too.

I've gotten the module to compile under Slackware but not lfs.  But this
made no difference.

Grateful for any light shed in my darkness.


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