How to make /dev nodes?

Remco remco at
Sun Nov 28 07:36:43 PST 2004

Christian H. Kuhn wrote:

> [...]
> Nov 26 15:56:23 ns1 kernel: cardman_usb.c v2.4.0beta1
> support.linux at Nov 26 15:56:23 ns1 kernel: usb.c: registered
> new driver cardman Nov 26 15:56:23 ns1 kernel: usbserial.c: none matched
> Nov 26 15:56:23 ns1 kernel: cardman_usb found a OMNIKEY CardMan 2020

So it's a smart card reader and not the average 6-in-1 (or whatever) reader
which I expected. Unfortunately I've got no experience with smart cards so
I'm afraid I can't help you much further.

If the usbserial message has anything to do which this smart card reader you
can check for device nodes in /dev/usb/tts/ or other subdirectories
of /dev/usb/.

Since this device seems to be one of a kind, having its own driver and
support mail address, I suggest you contact the developers of the driver
for more information if necessary.

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