Color management (follow up)

Trekky invalid at invalid.invalid
Sat Nov 27 12:25:19 PST 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Trekky wrote:
>> I'm setting up to be able to print digital photographs - using Gimp 
>> with gimp-print as the basis.  However, I get unwanted color and 
>> density problems - differences between the on-screen image and the 
>> printed version, it varies with paper type too.
> If you're not using the betas of gimp-print 5.0 (now called gutenprint), 
> you need to. The color handling in the new version is _vastly_ improved, 
> and the output quality is stunning.
> There is an OSS tool called Argyll that can be used to mess with color 
> profiles and feed them to gimp/gutenprint; there is also a new tool in 
> beta testing called PhotoPrint that is much simpler than the GIMP for 
> just printing (you can find references to it in the recent archives of 
> the gimp-print-devel list).

Just in case anyone else wants to follow up on Kevin's leads:

Gutenprint is at

Argyll is at
for which you'll need Jam at

Photoprint is at

Gutenprint should build using the BLFS instructions for gimp-print (but 
I haven't tried it yet).

Argyll is a real pig to compile as it uses jam instead of make.  Tips: 
unzip the source package into a sandbox directory.  Edit the file 
makeall.ksh to add '-f <path-to>Jambase' to the jam command.  Make sure 
you have a symlink between /usr/X11/lib and /usr/X11R6/lib.  There may 
be other ways of doing all this, but I didn't have time to research 
'nice' solutions and I'm not prepared to become a jam expert for one 

Basically, Argyll can generate a test print and then read back a scan of 
a printout of it.  This can then be turned into a profile for the 
printer/ink/paper combo (it can do lots of other more scientific things too)

I'll try Photoprint when I've got round to gutenprint!  Photoprint can 
use ICC profiles.

Thanks Kevin - good tips!

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