Color management

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Fri Nov 26 08:48:16 PST 2004

Jason Gurtz wrote:
> On 11/26/2004 03:49, Trekky wrote:
>>Thanks for all the input.  I'm decided that I don't yet really 
>>understand Color Management enough to do this properly - so I'll just 
>>stick with 'it looks good enough' rather than getting every element of 
>>the chain scientifically correct.
> I think Dans data had an article a while back on using a monitor
> calibrator.  getting your monitor and printer as close to each other as
> possible will probably get you the most bang for your buck time wise.
> Unless you have an expensive camera that part of the equation will
> probably not be worth pursuing.
> ~Jason

I'm really pleased with the monitor output (even though it is only a 
Hansol 900P - which is not supposed to be that wonderful).  The color is 
fine and matches my expectations of the photgraph - better still a photo 
of a Kodak color target appears, to my eye, perfect - and I'm only 
really interested in 'my eye', not scientific color temperatures etc..

It's the printer (Canon BJC-7000) that's the problem area, and even 
there the results are very good with the latest gutenprint beta.

Initially I had a slight green cast, and the black density was too high. 
  I have now learned how to adjust that.  Like color printing in the 
darkroom it's a matter of balancing the variables: Paper, Ink, the CMY 
balance, density, gamma, dithering algorithm (which is a damn sight 
easier than time, developer, developer temperature, paper batch, filter 
pack, enlarger lamp volage etc... in the darkroom - since you can see 
what you're doing).

What I'd like is a scientific way to do that, but at the moment (until I 
  understand ICC profiles, at least) it's a test print - adjust - test 
print cycle.

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