Color management (Summary)

Trekky invalid at invalid.invalid
Fri Nov 26 00:49:54 PST 2004

Trekky wrote:
> I'm setting up to be able to print digital photographs - using Gimp with 
> gimp-print as the basis.  However, I get unwanted color and density 
> problems - differences between the on-screen image and the printed 
> version, it varies with paper type too.
> I'm looking for methods of calibrating the gimp-print system to 
> eliminate the problem. At the moment I'm working by trial and error 
> printing of test grayscales and standard test pics.
> Anyone have any suggestions as to better ways of doing it?  Even software?

Thanks for all the input.  I'm decided that I don't yet really 
understand Color Management enough to do this properly - so I'll just 
stick with 'it looks good enough' rather than getting every element of 
the chain scientifically correct.

It seems that there are a number of projects that relate to this issue, 
and I am in the process of researching them (I suspect this will lead to 
  a PhD in Color Terminology first though).

The gimp-print-devel list is interesting, and 'I am Not Alone!'.
There is more development going on ICC-based profiles and profiling. 
When I find the HowTo, or if I don't, when I've written it, I'll report 

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