Color management

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at
Wed Nov 24 19:31:54 PST 2004

Trekky wrote:
> I'm setting up to be able to print digital photographs - using Gimp with 
> gimp-print as the basis.  However, I get unwanted color and density 
> problems - differences between the on-screen image and the printed 
> version, it varies with paper type too.

If you're not using the betas of gimp-print 5.0 (now called gutenprint), 
you need to. The color handling in the new version is _vastly_ improved, 
and the output quality is stunning.

There is an OSS tool called Argyll that can be used to mess with color 
profiles and feed them to gimp/gutenprint; there is also a new tool in 
beta testing called PhotoPrint that is much simpler than the GIMP for 
just printing (you can find references to it in the recent archives of 
the gimp-print-devel list).

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