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Ken Moffat ken at
Wed Nov 24 15:08:47 PST 2004

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004, Trekky wrote:

> I'm setting up to be able to print digital photographs - using Gimp with
> gimp-print as the basis.  However, I get unwanted color and density
> problems - differences between the on-screen image and the printed
> version, it varies with paper type too.

 My experience is that you probably need to fiddle with gamma,
brightness, and even the dots-per-inch settings to get acceptable
results (e.g. 1440sw may put too much ink on the paper).  I never did
find a way of relating the available paper types in the driver to the
papers I can buy (e.g. three or four different qualities of glossy A4
photo paper for *each* of the big name brands).  You'll probably need to
standardise on certain paper types, at least at first, and you're going
to waste a lot of ink and become sick of the sight of your test
pictures.  Last time I printed any photos, I was using kodak picture
paper (about one step above basic inkjet paper) for tests (e.g.
size/position), but it tells you *nothing* about the results you'll get
on the sort of media you could frame.

> I'm looking for methods of calibrating the gimp-print system to
> eliminate the problem. At the moment I'm working by trial and error
> printing of test grayscales and standard test pics.

 When you talk about calibrating, I think your aims may be very high
quality - I've long since settled for adequate quality on the pictures
I print myself, there are more than enough other problems (like getting
borderless prints).  So far I haven't seen any calibration software that
runs on linux.

> Anyone have any suggestions as to better ways of doing it?  Even software?

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