Software recommendation?

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Wed Nov 24 11:54:28 PST 2004

Mike Hernandez wrote:

> I've been given the task of coming up with a solution for tracking the
> participants of various programs. I'm writing to ask if anyone here
> knows of any software that can be used for such a purpose. It can be
> open source or proprietary. As it is now, it's not so simple to keep
> track of which participants completed which tasks and the dates they
> completed them, etc.

Sounds like you need a generic planning/project management tool.  I only 
know of as an open source 
solution, though I'm sure there are others.  Looking at the other 
responses you got though, I'm not sure I've understood your requirements 
properly...and I'm supposed to do this as my day job!



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