Software recommendation?

Jason Gurtz jason at
Wed Nov 24 11:43:23 PST 2004

On 11/24/2004 14:07, Mike Hernandez wrote:

> I've been given the task of coming up with a solution for tracking the
> participants of various programs. I'm writing to ask if anyone here
> knows of any software that can be used for such a purpose. It can be
> open source or proprietary. As it is now, it's not so simple to keep
> track of which participants completed which tasks and the dates they
> completed them, etc. If i can't find any software that already does
> the job, I'm going to have to develop something on my own. Worst case
> scenario is that I will have to write a MS Access application
> *cringe*. I really really really hate MS Access so I'm trying to get
> around it any way I can.

If you're able to munge around in access and vba then you might consider
MySQL for the database and perl or python for the programming.  All of the
above--of course!--work excellently on Linux or other free OS's.  MySQL
also has a very good installer for windows and activestate has excellent
distributions of perl and python for windows.  If you need a gui interface
perl can use Tk and there's wxPython for python (the latter looks real nice).

I can't help you in finding pre-existing SW for your task but I'd be real
surprised if there actually is nothing already available that doesn't meet
your needs.  Maybe try searching for academic software?




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