Software recommendation?

Mike Hernandez sequethin at
Wed Nov 24 11:07:16 PST 2004

Hello all,

I work a non-profit organization (The National Puerto Rican Forum,
Inc., [give us money, it's tax deductable for you,
and we need it] </plug> ;) )  We offer free and low cost classes for
youth and adults, in job readiness and computers among other things.
Each of our programs comes from different funding sources, and most of
the programs get funding based on "milestones". In other words, as
program participants meet certain goals, our organization is provided
with funding.

I've been given the task of coming up with a solution for tracking the
participants of various programs. I'm writing to ask if anyone here
knows of any software that can be used for such a purpose. It can be
open source or proprietary. As it is now, it's not so simple to keep
track of which participants completed which tasks and the dates they
completed them, etc. If i can't find any software that already does
the job, I'm going to have to develop something on my own. Worst case
scenario is that I will have to write a MS Access application
*cringe*. I really really really hate MS Access so I'm trying to get
around it any way I can.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, just email me. Thanks! =)


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