Personal email cert for S/MIME

Carlos Martin carlosmn at
Wed Nov 24 07:30:20 PST 2004

On Tue, 23 Nov 2004 08:58:56 -0700, Kevin P. Fleming
<kpfleming at> wrote:
> I need to start signing some email I send, so I figured I'd use Mozilla
> Thunderbird's built-in S/MIME functionality. That requires that I import
> a PKCS#12 certificate.
> However, I only see two "major" free email certificate options: Thawte
> and Thawte does not seem to offer any means to generate a
> standard PKCS#12 file (their web site only wants to install certificates
> directly into the application, which Thunderbird can't do).
> does offer PKCS#12, but their root certificate will not be my
> recipient's trusted root list, and I'd rather not deal with that hassle.
> Anyone have any advice?

Why don't you just use GnuPG ( to do your signing? I
haven't tried it with Thunderbird, but it most likely has support for
This is also something that most people would expect (I imagine, I've
no actual idea what people expect).
Carlos Martín

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