athlon 64 cross compiling

Jamie Bennett jamie_bennett at
Wed Nov 24 03:41:55 PST 2004

Marius Schrecker wrote on 24 November 2004 11:37
> If x86-64 is much more efficient on an AMD Athlon 64, then I should
> hold out and wait for you. 

>From my initial testing (up to kde ATM), Chris's cd is perfectly usable now
no need to wait.

> What sort of package management are you planning to include. I don't feel
> or have time for a full LFS system, but if I could install a basic system
> CD and had apt and GCC 3.4?? I would like to play with compiling the debs
> installing an x86-64 Debian system.

You are unlikely to see any package management on the cd but you can
persuade apt
to work on LFS see :-

or if portage is what floats your boat then see :-

A good place to look is

> Marius

	--	Jamie

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