athlon 64 cross compiling

Marius Schrecker masch at
Wed Nov 24 03:36:37 PST 2004

Chris wrote:

>Got a very rough prototype at

>Any feedback is very welcome

>Still plan
>to have something a bit more sensible available
>be Christmas.


Hi Chris,

    I'm still wondering about the most sensible approach here. the ia86
distros run on AMD x86-64, so I'm still very fuzzy about the difference,
perhaps you can fill me in?

In the meantime I do have problems with getting the box to boot from most
dist. CD's. Mandrake 10.1 (32 bit) boots and Kanotix live cd boots and comes
up perfectly (using GRUB). What I would really like is to install Debian
Sarge ia64 if ia64 is a good alternative, but nothing happens using the
cd, and I don't have a floppy drive. Is there an easy way of using the boot
sector from Kanotix (and GRUB) to load the installer for Deb. Sarge?? The
alternative would be to create an install partition and copy the CD files
to there then load from GRUB, but I'm also unsure of how to do load an installer
from a running Linux.

If x86-64 is much more efficient on an AMD Athlon 64, then I should probably
hold out and wait for you. What sort of package management are you planning
to include. I don't feel up-to or have time for a full LFS system, but if
I could install a basic system from CD and had apt and GCC 3.4?? I would
like to play with compiling the debs and installing an x86-64 Debian system.


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