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Dirk dirk.dil at
Fri Nov 19 06:46:04 PST 2004

S. Anthony Sequeira (tony at wrote:
> On Fri, November 19, 2004 10:08, Dirk said:
> [...]
> >
> > If that makes sense, what should the infected PC's owner do about it?
> > Reinstalling M$ would cure it ( temporarily ).  Any way to avoid losing
> > the whole setup?
> This is what I had to do to my daughters computer a couple of weekends
> ago.  Even with a virus checker, and malware protection, it was riddled. 
> It's a long process, I would have been happier reinstalling, but was
> overruled.
> Notice his recommendation that Lookout Express/IE be replaced by
> Thunderbird/Firefox.  I must say that it *has* helped.
> >
> > I advised them to use a firewall, a virus doctor and spamassasin which
> > is also available for M$ I think.
> >
> -- 
> Tony


M$ had to be rebooted after every seventh time you touched your mouse,
now you have to reinstall it...  It is a viscious world indeed.

That is wy we can aford to fiddle around with LFS rebuilds all the time
and compete for productivity I suppose. 

Thanks for the link, it's worth forwarding on I think.


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