athlon 64 cross compiling

Marius Schrecker masch at
Thu Nov 18 03:46:17 PST 2004

Hi all,

   I've been using Linux for about 6 years now, have just progressed from
Mandrake which I followed from the 7.0 days to Debian. I currently run a
system which is based on the Kanotix flavour of Debian.

Building from scratch isn't really something I'm wanting to do, but I'v
just got a shiny new Athlon64 box, and getting anything (except Kanotix)
to run on it is proving problematic (mostly to do with sata, for which I
patched the sata_nv code in the kernel). The result is that Kanotix now
runs very nicely, but in 32 bit mode. So I thought it would be easy to build
a 64 bit kernel and then gradually upgrade the rest of the system. Now I'm
not too sure!

1.   I understood that the Athlon 64 was a x86-64 processor and not ia64.
The 64 bit binaries out there are all ia64, so what's the difference, and
are they compatible?

2. If I cross compile a x86-64 kernel will I still be able to run 386 code,
or must I cross compile everything I'm going to need before I bot into the
new kernel? Can I run ia64 binaries?

I need to understand the basics of this before I start (possibly). Is anyone
there who can do some gentle explaining?

Many Thanks

Registered Linux user

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