LFS from bootdisk?

Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Tue Nov 16 09:56:09 PST 2004

On 11/16/2004 09:30, proc ps wrote:

> Is there a way to install LFS without using another pre-installed linux?
> Maybe someone can make a HOWTO that can install LFS via tomsrtbt, for 
> example.

I've a project that's fallen by the wayside--years by the wayside even.
Check out the two files at: <http://www.tommyk.com/lfs/>  You boot off the
iso and then untar the miniLFS that is a static system.

These files came from someone else whom I can't remember and you can
probably find something if you search the ML archives.

I successfully built a system once from those two files using the perl
alfs but I did have to do some hackery in places because of the limited
build env.  Also, keep well in mind that the system in those files is very
old now, ancient even and was built in a manner that is very different
than what LFS is now.  I think around the time of LFS 3.0 or so.

The goal was (is?) to have a bootable system that is small enough to fit
on a business card sized CD (~50MB) or preferably, much smaller.  I'm
pretty sure that Gerard made an LFS that was quite a bit under 10MB a
while back; you may want to mail him directly and ask if he'll post on
that.  I'm fairly confident that a bootable/networkable build system under
10MB is quite possible.

I may pick up the project again at some point but not right now, I'm way
too busy with school and work.




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