Tobias Gasser tg at ebp-gasser.ch
Tue Nov 16 00:19:45 PST 2004

> Thus, fcron violates two main precepts of unix philosophy.
> 1) Rule of Clarity:  Configuration files should be human readable.
you have 2 files. the one with extention .orig is human readable. it's 
the one you edit with fcrontab -e

after modifying the .orig you can force a 'compile' by running fcrontab 
-z. just have a look at 'man fcrontab'

> 2) Rule of Simplicity and/or Rule of Separation and/or Rule of Least
>    Surprise (or all three): It is over complex (for a number of reasons)
>    in that it is trying to decide whether to run a task or not.  Which
>    is a policy decision and should be separate from function.  It is
>    quite surprising when discovered that it has not done what it was
>    configured to do.
maybe we're not talking about the same fcron. i use version the one by 
Thibault Godouet from http://fcron.free.fr. this has no logic to decide 
whether to run a job or not but the time. everything else you have to 
put in a script you start with fcron.

daemons which have to be restarted i start with init by specifing it's 
'respawn' option in /etc/inittab or with xinitd when possible.


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