Bennett Todd bet at rahul.net
Mon Nov 15 19:46:56 PST 2004

I haven't worked with fcron myself, but taking Ken's words at face
value I think it's a fair cop.

Something as critical as a job scheduler shouldn't have complex or
opaque decisions on the other side of an opaque config file format.

Either Ken's just plain wrong on points of fact or else I agree with
him, fcron shouldn't be considered.

The fact that it might be possible to kludge around observed (but
not deduced from docs!) bizarreness on the other side of this opaque
intermediate config doesn't excuse it; that's the way you work with
vendor products, not the kind of infrastructure we like to embrace
into our distros.

Maybe Ken's just plain wrong; like I said, I've never played with
fcron. But if he's right, please let's leave it for others to trip

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