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First off it is distinctly possible that I have missed something
obvious regarding turning off the idiotic behavior but this still does
not invalidate my points.  Not likely as I have read the various
manpages and docs that come with it.

We have been having some trouble with fcron.  We have some daemons that
need to run 24/7.  To ensure this we have fcrontab to spawn a new daemon
every 5 minutes.  However, if it decides the daemon is already running
it will not run the job.  This, of course, is none of fcron's fucking
business.  Besides the more fundamental issue, the practical one that is
causing us headaches is that sometimes it is wrong.

Troubleshooting this issue is blocked because of the stupid decision to
use the output from fcrontab to create a binary blob which is what fcron
actually uses to decide what and when it will run.

Thus, fcron violates two main precepts of unix philosophy.

1) Rule of Clarity:  Configuration files should be human readable.

2) Rule of Simplicity and/or Rule of Separation and/or Rule of Least
   Surprise (or all three): It is over complex (for a number of reasons)
   in that it is trying to decide whether to run a task or not.  Which
   is a policy decision and should be separate from function.  It is
   quite surprising when discovered that it has not done what it was
   configured to do.
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