cc/c++ optimizations

Robert Connolly robert at
Thu Nov 11 20:04:08 PST 2004

I tried everything and.. no. The specs file won't override -march given from 
the command line (cflags). I tried -U%* and -Di386, etc etc, nothing worked. 
Often flags can be overruled by the specs file, but not in this case. Plan B 
would be to hack GCC, but that doesn't give you much flexability. I'll keep 
thinking about it. This might be a good question for the gcc mailing list, 
but it would take them years to implement it if they agreed to. Or, take a 
look at gentoo's gcc-config wrapper for gcc, it does stuff like this, but I'm 
pretty sure it edits the specs file and so wouldn't work.

On November 11, 2004 08:55 pm, Bennett Todd wrote:
> Thanks!
> Is there any reasonable way to use this to make gcc ignore -march,
> i.e. to make it always emit portable i386 code? I've overridden
> special decisions made in a couple of pkgs to prevent 'em from
> making nonportable code, but haven't yet really finished the job;
> it'd be lovely if I could prevent clever pkgs from making themselves
> nonportable for the future, with one global setting.
> -Bennett

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