procmail regex help needed

Bennett Todd bet at
Thu Nov 11 10:50:15 PST 2004

It'd be a help if you could send an actual sample of a spam-tagged
message. But taking you at your word that the S|*** is _appended_ to
the subject, then the pattern you gave isn't what you want.

I'd try

	* ^Subject: .*S\|\*\*\*\*$

for S| and three or more "*" at the end of the line. You didn't have
the "*" after the "." before the S, to match the entire subject.
So that's probably why quoting the "|" prevented it from matching
the spam you wanted to. However, leaving "|" unquoted meant any
subject with either an S as the second character (after that ".") or
containing three asterisks.

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