Sending HTML mail

Jason Gurtz jason at
Tue Nov 9 05:11:29 PST 2004

On 11/9/2004 07:02, Björn Lindberg wrote:

> I have a bit of an embarassing question, actually. I need to send HTML
> email.

It's not so bad, I've had to do worse to please the PHB's around here  :/

> Right now I am sending email programmatically invoking sendmail
> directly. The emails I need to send are inline HTML emails. Just
> sending the HTML as message body doesn't work right (as
> expected).

In short, you probably need to change the mime type of the message to
something like multipart/mixed or multipart/alternative.  Typically,
that's done with the Content-type: header.

If nail can compose that type of message that would be close to an ideal
solution.  My hunch though is that you'll have to come up with a perl
script, perhaps using the MIME::Lite module.  You can even get rid of the
sendmail dependency by using the Net::SMTP module.





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