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John Gay johngay at
Fri Nov 5 15:07:09 PST 2004

> I found the bit torrents on (along with loads of TV
> I failed to record on my confusing new dvd recorder).
> The bbc newsgroup has a post of ep-6 (not yet broadcast - will be on
> tonight) ripped from the bbc cd, The cd has extended episodes on. Someone
> else replied that the cd versions were a bit better than the broadcast
> version. I listened to the first but haven't got around to the rest yet.
> I'm currently grabbing the first 5 episodes as 5.1 WMA and they should be
> complete within an hour or so of this post (they are downloading straight
> into the ftp directory). 6 should be there this time tomorrow.

Thanx for posting all this. I've fetched all but the last mp3 from your site, 
and also used mplayer to fetch episodes 3-6 in surround sound, but not I 
can't access your ftp site any more. dig is giving very strange answers 
compared to when it was working.

I'm still not sure exactly what format they wma files are, and I don't have 
surround sound on my PC yet, so I still need to figure out how to record 
these to CD so that my DVD and stereo can reproduce them correctly.

Thanx again for these files. I can't wait until the next series starts in 


	John Gay

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