RMS: "The Danger of Software Patents": livestream testers needed!

n-roeser at gmx.net n-roeser at gmx.net
Thu Nov 4 05:52:17 PST 2004


as I announced in an earlier message
RMS is going to talk about "The Danger of Software Patents" at the
University of Ulm today, in a few hours.

According to some reports, there seem to be problems with our planned video
livestream for Linux users. MacOS and Windows clients do not seem to be

If anybody has some spare minutes and wants to do me a favour, please go to
<URL:http://ulm.ccc.de/chaos-seminar/rms/st-en.html>, check whether the
streams work, and report the results.

Especially important:
 * Operating system used (Linux, I assume :-)) )
 * Client (xine, mplayer, vlc to name a few) and version of client
 * Does it work? Quality? Any problems?
 * Anything else?

Many thanks in advance!

Of course, you are invited to watch and listen to RMS via that stream,
beginning at T19:00+0100 today (2004-11-04).

Have fun,


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