SCSI Disk/Controller advice please

Jason Gurtz jason at
Mon Nov 1 08:49:36 PST 2004

On 11/1/2004 11:27, Jason Gurtz wrote:

I forgot that ICP Vortex from Germany was owned by Intel before and is now
owned by Adaptec.  I'm pretty sure that current Intel controllers are
still made by ICP Vortex and it's likely that current Adaptec cards have
at least some firmware or hardware level tech taken from them.
Interestingly, Linux support started coming from Adaptec when they bought
out DPT and introduced a whole new line of controllers 2xxx series, etc...
that look pretty much like DPT adapters with Adaptec name on them.  :)

Anyway, ICP Vortex (the brand) is still being marketed over in Eu and may
be easier to obtain outside of the US.



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