Distribution expertise is needed

Alexander Cheskis alexander at cheskis.com
Sat Jul 31 06:26:50 PDT 2004

Hi guys,

I have to put one-click  Linux installation, with some customer's software
on IBM X-series servers (two types of HW)
Obviously Red Hat, Suse and mandrake distro can do this work well (with kick
start use)

But somehow, with kick start use, I also got glibc, bash shell, (available
on standard distributions), and not diet-libc and busybox shell I want.
And also I need to put RPM from the customer, which is difficult in kick

Does any one have any suggestions as to what would be a good distro?
If LFS is suite for this project, considering is only 4 weeks to the project

Thanks in advance for your thoughts/comments, as ever they will be
Alexander Cheskis

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