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Jim Gifford lfs at
Wed Jul 28 12:25:39 PDT 2004

Steven Van Impe wrote:

>I've been an LFS user/fan for the last few years, but now -more than
>ever- I'm under the impression that this project is doomed and is not
>going in the direction I would like it to go.
>I'm interested in learning more on how to build a modern linux system,
>mostly for everyday desktop use. I want to learn how systems work now
>and will work in the future, not how they worked in the time before
>time: for me, a system that doesn't include kernel 2.6, udev and hotplug
>is not even a system anymore.
>I'm also looking for a project than can make up it's mind and make
>progress instead of arguing on mailinglists/IRC for ever and ever.
>So where/who should I look to now ?
>Where possible, I would also be willing to help out a project with the
>goals above.
>Kind regards,
>Steven Van Impe
>Please reply to steven.vanimpe at, since I'm not subscribed to
>this list.
Things have changed, but they will be getting better soon. Don't give up 
on us yet.

These are just natural growing pains and conflicts that normally are 
behind the scenes. I plan on doing whatever it takes to get LFS back to 
the way it was, I know others are commited to the same thing.

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