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Steven Van Impe steven.vanimpe at
Wed Jul 28 03:01:14 PDT 2004


I've been an LFS user/fan for the last few years, but now -more than
ever- I'm under the impression that this project is doomed and is not
going in the direction I would like it to go.

I'm interested in learning more on how to build a modern linux system,
mostly for everyday desktop use. I want to learn how systems work now
and will work in the future, not how they worked in the time before
time: for me, a system that doesn't include kernel 2.6, udev and hotplug
is not even a system anymore.
I'm also looking for a project than can make up it's mind and make
progress instead of arguing on mailinglists/IRC for ever and ever.

So where/who should I look to now ?

Where possible, I would also be willing to help out a project with the
goals above.

Kind regards,

Steven Van Impe

Please reply to steven.vanimpe at, since I'm not subscribed to
this list.

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