Late: Best Distro for low spec (ancient !) machines

Rasool Ameri rsameri at
Sun Jul 25 08:40:20 PDT 2004

I know it is late, and perhaps it has no use anymore. but for anyone who 
may be interested, today i (accidently) came to this.

from the site:

<<DeLi Linux stands for "Desktop Light" Linux. It is a Linux Distribution 
for old computers, from 486 to Pentium MMX 166 or so. It's focused on 
desktop usage. It includes email clients, graphical web browser, an office 
package with word processor and spreadsheet, and so on. A full install, 
including XFree and development tools, needs not more than 250 MB of 
harddisk space. >>

may be still usefull for the guy who was seeking such a ditro.

PS. there is more "small OS" here:

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