"Best" distro for a lower spec machine

Bennett Todd bet at rahul.net
Wed Jul 21 10:59:42 PDT 2004

2004-07-21T16:42:17 Bryan Breen:
> At 07:16 7/21/04 +0100, Jeremy Henty wrote:
> >Doesn't beat the time I claimed to have a 233Hz processor!
> What's wrong with bragging about that?! I just started my install of LFS on
> my 233 last night! :)

Read closer. Jeremy claimed to have (presumably thanks to a fun
typo) a processor clocking along at a lively two hundred and thirty
three cycles every second. I think even mrnobby would have his
patience run out doing LFS on such a gizmo; if LFS time scaled
purely on clockspeed that'd run to several thousands of years.

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